Day 1 results

Hi, everyone


Tom here. Wow, what a great way to start the campaign. As I type this, we have raised more than a third of our goal in one day: $2,560.57, to be exact. Thank you all so much! 

Those of you who ordered Perk 5 should get the download links for "Another Anthem" by Bruce and Jamie and "Rail" and "We Were Here" by me within the next day. Please let us know if you have any issues with that. 

Also, you may have noticed we don't have a running tally on this page of our goal progress, which you'll see on most crowdfunding sites. That's because this site, Bandzoogle, doesn't take any money at all from the total bands raise, which is great for us. However, since they take no percentage of what we raise, they also don't go out of their way to offer some of those cool tools other crowdfunding sites have that show everyone up-to-the-second totals of how the goal is progressing. So, if you're interested in keeping track, I'll be updating the page every day or so with the most current totals. 

We really feel great about the first day, and thanks to you all for that! Hopefully the campaign won't fizzle out too quickly, as these things tend to do, so if you can continue to spread the word, we'd appreciate it. There are a ton of BC fans out there who we think would really love this music. We'll be releasing new content every few days as well to keep the interest going. 

Anyway, thanks again to everyone! Day 2 awaits!

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