Goal Met in Less Than Two Weeks!

Hi, everyone

Great news today, as we have officially met and surpassed our goal for this campaign! Thank you so much to all of you who have taken part in this effort! Your support really means everything, and we are so excited to finally get "Men of Steel" out there in both digital AND CD format!

So what happens now? Well, the campaign will continue as originally intended until Dec. 1. After that date, the campaign will end and there will be no further way to order the album on CD for a bit. We want to make sure the crowdfunding participants get it first. I personally get annoyed when I take part in a crowdfunding campaign and the product ends up in a store or online before I get it, so we don't want that happening here. 

In the meantime, we will move ahead with getting the CD manufactured and ready for online release. One unfortunate issue that's arisen that we didn't expect, something that could delay things a bit, is the fact that the man mastering the album, Nigel Walton, has been ill and is, as I write this, in the hospital. Nigel has been battling a bigger illness for awhile, and he's had some complications that he's needed to get sorted out. Obviously we value his health first and foremost, so we hope he is better soon. He has already mastered 6 of the tracks on the album, so there are only 3 more to go. Honestly, we weren't expecting to meet our goal so quickly, so in the grand scheme of things, we're still ahead of schedule. Just please send some good vibes Nigel's way. He's a great guy who's been incredibly helpful throughout this project. 

For those who've purchased things like meet and greets, recorded songs and appearances on the podcast, we'll be contacting you soon (if we haven't already) to get those details figured out. I'm already learning a few songs that I'll be recording this weekend for some pledgers, which will be fun. 

Anyway, thanks again so much for the support on this. We're really proud of this album and we're very humbled by the interest in it. We hope it lives up to everyone's expectations. Won't be long now!


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